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n. 表示问候, 惊奇或唤起注意时的用语

int. 喂;哈罗

n. (Hello)人名;(法)埃洛





hello /hɛˈləʊ/ CET4 TEM4 (hellos) 1. CONVENTION You say ' Hello ' to someone when you meet them. 你好 (打招呼用语) [套语] 例: Hello, Trish. I won't shake hands, because I'm filthy. 你好,特里斯。我就不握手了,我的手好脏。 2. N-COUNT Hello is also a noun. 招呼 例: The salesperson greeted me with a warm hello. 那位推销员向我打了个热情的招呼。 3. CONVENTION You say ' Hello ' to someone at the beginning of a telephone conversation, either when you answer the phone or before you give your name or say why you are phoning. 喂 (打电话时的招呼语) [套语] 例: A moment later, Cohen picked up the phone. 'Hello?' 一会儿之后,科恩拿起电话。“喂?” 4. CONVENTION You can call ' hello ' to attract someone's attention. 喂 (用于唤起别人注意) 例: Very softly, she called out: 'Hello? Who's there?' 她很轻柔地喊道:“喂?谁在那儿?” 【同近义词】 int. 喂;哈罗 hallo,holloo 【双语例句】 Hello , who 's speaking , please ?喂 ,请问你是谁呀? Hello ! This is little Li speaking .喂 ,我是小李。 “ Hello ?” he said . “你好吗?”他说。